With the Taxi Booking

Apple Watch App!

Give your customers the luxury of booking their Taxis instantly using their Apple watch with our brand new Taxi Booking iWatch app! The best thing about this app is that the user’s iPhone app is connected to the user’s iWatch app. So, if an iPhone user has an iWatch and downloads the app on their phone, the watch app will automatically be downloaded in the watch and vice versa.

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Take a glimpse of how the flow of the iWatch App works in real.

General Features

  • 01. Apple Watch Application is a New Platform for Taxi Booking.
  • 02. The Watch Application makes the process of booking the Taxi easier and quicker.
  • 03. Apple Watch can only be paired with iPhones.
  • 04. The Watch must be connected to your iPhone.
  • 05. Both the Devices must have internet connection.
  • 06. This Taxi App is applicable for:
    • - Min. Watch Model Series 2
    • - Min. WatchOS Version: 4.0

Application Flow

Downloading the App


Watch App and iPhone Rider App, both are interconnected and installed vice versa. If User installs the Rider App in iPhone then the Watch App will be automatically installed in iWatch which is connected to that iPhone. Same way If User installs Watch App directly in iWatch from iWatch App store then Rider App will be automatically installed in connected iPhone.


Login into the App

On first time, opening the Apple Watch App, User will be asked to Sign In or Register in the app, which is installed in User’s iPhone. If user is already Signed-in in the iPhone app then it will be automatically redirect to the the Cab Selection Screen.


Choose Taxi Options:

User can choose the available Taxi options from the Watch App like Basic, Normal & Luxurious as per his requirements.

choose taxi options
user choose taxi option

Choose Payment Option

Here User can choose the payment mode as Cash, Card or Wallet. If User has selected the Wallet option, Trip amount will automatically deducted from his Wallet. If User has selected the Payment Mode as Card, then the amount will be deducted from the Card that is added in the iPhone Application.


Book a Ride

Here User can see the Taxi s moving on the Map. User can tap on “Request Now” button to request the nearby Taxi.


Sending Taxi Request


As soon as User taps on the Request now button, a request will be sent to nearby Taxi Driver on his iPhone Application.

Driver can see the Rider details, Pick up location and can accept or reject the Ride request.


Taxi Arriving


Once Driver has confirmed the Ride request, Rider can see the location of Driver on the Map as “Arriving” along with ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

On the other hand, Driver can see the pickup location on the Map. He can call / message the Rider anytime.


Driver Details

On Watch, Rider can see the details of the Driver like name, photo, taxi model, number etc.. Rider can call him anytime.


Driver Arrived to Pick Up Location


A. Once Driver has marked that he has arrived to Pickup location, User can see the same status on his watch saying that “Driver has arrived at your location.”

B. User can see the OTP on the screen and a call icon. User can give this Otp to Driver to start the Ride.


Trip Started


Once Driver has started the Ride, User can see the status on this watch as “Your Trip has started.”

Driver will see the root on the Map along with Riders details. Driver can End the Trip once he has reached to the destination.


Payment and Ratings


Once User has reached to the destination and made the Payment, he can rate his Trip experience from Watch.

Driver can see the Total invoice details and can also submit his ratings.


Trip Completed


User can Driver both see the Trip completion message on their respected application.


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